Released: January 2, 2023

Tallinn — 10 Best Things To Do

There are so many wonderful things to do in the Estonian capital of Tallinn — it can be tough to narrow it down to just 10! Here are our top picks for the best things to do in Tallinn.

Gen Vagula

Stroll around the Old Town

Tallinn’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. Strolling around the atmospheric cobbled streets and admiring the Gothic architecture is a must-do in Tallinn.
The old town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleyways, lined with charming cafes, shops, and homes. There are plenty of things to see and do, from exploring the many churches and museums, to simply taking a leisurely stroll and enjoying the atmosphere.

Andrey Omelyanchuk

Visit Toompea Castle

Toompea Castle is a spectacular fortress perched atop a hill in the Old Town. Take a guided tour of the castle to learn about its history, then enjoy the stunning views over Tallinn from the castle walls.
Today, the castle is home to the country’s parliament, the Riigikogu. But even if you’re not interested in politics, the castle is worth a visit for its beautiful architecture and views of Tallinn. The castle was first built in the 13th century, though it has undergone many changes over the centuries. During the Soviet era, the castle was used as a government office building and was off-limits to the public.

Andrey Omelyanchuk

Ride the Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower is a free-standing structure with an observation deck and restaurant located in Tallinn, Estonia. It is the tallest building in Tallinn and the whole of Estonia, with a height of 314 metres. The tower was built in 1980 and is currently the tallest free-standing structure in the European Union. The TV Tower is a popular tourist attraction, with the observation deck offering views over Tallinn and the surrounding areas. The restaurant located in the tower is also popular, serving traditional Estonian food. If you’re visiting Tallinn, a trip to the Tallinn TV Tower is a must!

Oskar Shanin

Take a Boat Trip to Estonia’s Islands

Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, is located on the Gulf of Finland and is home to a number of beautiful islands that can be easily accessed by boat. A boat trip to one or more of these islands is a great way to spend a day or two, and there are a number of different options to choose from depending on your interests.

Jane Adelmanis

For a more active day, head to Naissaar Island where you can go kayaking, windsurfing, or stand-up paddleboarding. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try your hand at kiteboarding.

Maksim Kozlov

If you’re interested in history, both of these islands have a lot to offer. Saaremaa Island was the site of a number of battles during Estonia’s fight for independence, and there are a number of museums and historic sites to explore. Naissaar Island, on the other hand, was an important strategic location during both World Wars and there are a number of forts and bunkers to explore.
No matter what your interests are, a boat trip to one of Tallinn’s islands is sure to be a memorable experience.

Kristoffer Vaikla

Go on a Foodie Tour

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll definitely want to check out a foodie tour in Tallinn! This charming city has a lot to offer in terms of food and drink, and a foodie tour is the perfect way to sample some of the best that Tallinn has to offer. On a foodie tour in Tallinn, you’ll get to try a variety of traditional Estonian dishes, as well as some international cuisine.
You’ll also get to sample some of the best local wines and beers. And of course, no foodie tour would be complete without a visit to a few of Tallinn’s many cafes and restaurants. If you’re looking for a unique and delicious way to experience Tallinn, then a foodie tour is definitely for you!

Gennadi Nikitin

Shop for Estonian Design

If you’re looking for Estonian design, you won’t have to look far. The capital city of Tallinn is full of design shops and studios, and you can find Estonian designers’ work in many of the city’s museums and galleries.
Estonian design is often inspired by the country’s natural landscape and its history. You’ll find many pieces that incorporate wood, stone, and other natural materials. And since Estonia has a long tradition of craftsmanship, you’ll also find a lot of handmade items.

Luca Copelli

Learn about Tallinn’s History

When in Tallinn, take some time to explore the city’s history. A great way to do this is by visiting one of the many museums or historical landmarks.
One must-see is the Tallinn City Museum, which is located in the Old Town. This museum covers the history of the city from its early beginnings up to the present day. Visitors can see exhibits on the city’s architecture, culture, and economy.

Vladimir Isaakjan

Another option is to take a walking tour of the Old Town. This is a great way to see some of the city’s most historic buildings and learn about their significance.
Many tours also include stops at other important landmarks, such as Town Hall Square and St. Olaf’s Church.

Vladimir Gusev.

Relax in a Sauna

Saunas are an important part of Estonian culture, and there are many public saunas dotted around Tallinn. If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate, consider spending some time in a sauna. Tallinn is home to a number of saunas, including some that are traditional Finnish-style saunas. There are many benefits to spending time in a sauna, including improved circulation, deep relaxation, and detoxification. If you’re looking to add a sauna experience to your city trip, be sure to check out some of the options in Tallinn.

Trevor Bishenden

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

One of the best ways to see Tallinn is from the top of Suur Munamagi, the tallest hill in the city. The views from the top are simply stunning, especially when the city is blanketed in snow. And if you’re feeling energetic, you can even ski or snowboard down the hill!
There are a number of ski resorts within easy reach of Tallinn, so you can make the most of the snow-covered slopes. And if you’re not a skier or snowboarder, don’t worry — there are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy, from sledging and ice skating to snowmobiling and dog sledding. So why not give Tallinn a try for your next winter city break? You won’t be disappointed!

Ragnis Pärnmets

Enjoy the Nightlife

There’s something special about Tallinn’s nightlife. Maybe it’s the medieval Old Town, or the fairy-tale castle perched atop Toompea Hill. Whatever the reason, a night out in Tallinn is sure to be a memorable experience.
Whether you’re looking for a lively pub or a chic cocktail bar, Tallinn has plenty to offer. Start your evening with a drink at one of the city’s many bars, then head to a club to dance the night away.
If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at karaoke or take a pub crawl through Tallinn’s Old Town.
No matter how you spend your night, you’re sure to have a good time in Tallinn. So go ahead and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife — you’re on vacation, after all!

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