Operation: Pandi Adoption

Released: March 1, 2022

Deciding to set foot into the travel industry came along with wanting to keep it sustainable. We understand that the way people travel and arrange their time spent abroad has shifted towards sustainability significantly due to environmental changes. And we understand it even more because it affects our personal travel experiences.

Ashwini Vaze 📸

During the peak of the pandemic, we brainstormed on how we as a team can help make the world a better place despite being in lockdown, and along came the idea of virtually adopting an animal that counts as an endangered species.
Unfortunately, there are many species and really, we could have closed our eyes and pointed on the screen that was showing the long list of endangered animals.

Tao Meng 📸

However, soon after making the initial decision to adopt, we more or less coincidentally discovered something within our logo.
When viewed sideways, the destination icons appeared to look just like eyes — not any eyes. The very distinctive eyes only one specific animal is known for, even without seeing other body parts — the panda.

John Holah 📸

This could have been the final link to just go on and adopt but one of our main goals is to build a strong community and because we value the thoughts and interests of every member, we initiated a poll, including the most endangered animal species such as tigers, elephants, and orang utans.

Edwin Butter 📸

To be honest, witnessing our community mostly vote for the panda was fascinating and left us stunned. After all, discovering the logo’s similarity with panda eyes and our community voting for the panda cannot entirely be a coincidence. And so it was decided.

We then started researching and came across more facts that strengthened our decision. The word ‘Pan’ originates from the Greek word pân, meaning “all”, “of everything”, “involving all members” (of a group). In association to our brand and business whose focus it is to offer all travellers around the world a personalized and unforgettable guided experience while on a trip, the short inclusion of “Pan” within Panda definitely fits perfectly.


When thinking of Pandas, probably the first thing that comes to mind is a clumsy bear that eats a lot. Compared to his apex predator cousins, the Panda is a proud vegetarian whose diet mainly consists of bamboo which he spends 10–16 hours a day feeding on.
However, the Chinese also view pandas as a symbol of good luck and happiness which is exactly what we want to spread by providing our community with tailored and suitable activities throughout their travels.
Hence why, our future adoptee will actively support us to create the perfect trips. It will take some time and practice but we are certain that our new Tourisfair family member will become the best trip planner.

Ev Tchebotarev 📸

Finally, we want to let our community vote once again. There are currently 16 pandas waiting to be adopted, which is a hard decision to make. Transparency is important to us, and that our community participates in some of the decision-making processes to be able to closely experience changes within the company.

We can’t wait to welcome a new member very soon and will keep you updated on the ongoing adoption process. The votes can be placed on our social media channels.

Thank you for the support!

The Tourisfair Team

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